Monday, August 18, 2014

Simple DIY Eurorack modules

First some pictures.

What you see is what you get:

Green: Slew limiter / portamento / glide. It limits the speed of change. It has a switch to limit up/down/both.

White: Passive OR-wired sockets. It is likely exactly the same as the Doepfer A-186. It combines up to 7 gate, trigger or analog signals by or-wiring. If all the inputs are low, the output is low. If one of them is high, the output is high. You can use this module to combine trigger signals. See the Doepfer DIY on how you can make this module.

White: Dual passive AND-wired sockets. A double 2-input, 1-output passive AND gate. If both of the inputs are high, the output is high. See Doepfer DIY on how to make this module.

Blue: Passive multiple, like the Doepfer A-180. Use this double 4-fold multiples to split some signal and route them to multiple destinations. For sensitive applications like a VCO a buffered multiple is recommended.

The front faces are 3d printed, models can be found at my Eurorack module thing at Thingiverse.